It’s Time to Check Your Facebook Privacy of The Post

It's Time to Check Your Facebook Privacy of The Post

It’s time to check the privacy of your Facebook posts

How you know it’s time to check your privacy settings of the post.

Daily, millions of people use Facebook to post stuff — like a random selfie, a photo of their dog, television series they currently watch — and complaints about the government.

But Facebook today is more than just a social network.

In July of this year, a survey from Pew Research revealed that more people are now using Facebook as “a news source” — or like a newsstand where they can pick their own news source, whether it’s The New York Times, or their Uncle Joe.

The study said 63 percent of American Facebook users get their news within the network — a huge jump from 2013’s 47 percent of users. The survey was conducted earlier this year with more than 2,000 respondents living in the United States.

And now, the largest social network wants to become the world’s largest search engine too. Can the Zuckerberg-led Facebook compete with the fast-growing with its super powerful (and very mind-boggling) search algorithm?

According to a Facebook release published Thursday, the search on the network just got a major upgrade.

Facebook’s Tom Stocky, the vice president of the network’s search department, said users can now find personalized suggestions from news sources, fan pages, in addition to posts from family and friends or accounts connected to a user.

Apart from better suggestions, Facebook said the new Search FYI upgrade will deliver up-to-date trending posts and videos with public conversations. Posts and videos with more likes, shares, and comments are more likely to appear on top of the search results.

Facebook’s new search display also includes information about the topic, like links with the estimated number of people “talking about it.”

The new Facebook search experience is available on desktop and on mobile apps for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Check your Facebook post privacy

With Search FYI, users who want more privacy on Facebook must now check their ‘privacy setting’.

Public posts are more likely to appear now than before — so if you want to protect your latest government rant, or the photo of your baby — then it’s time to check your Facebook privacy setting via the shortcut button located upper right side of the Facebook website (on desktop), or on the “more” button on Facebook’s smartphone apps.

For individual posts: On your status bar on desktop, there’s a small drop-down menu at the side of the post button. You can choose ‘public’ if you want the post to appear on accounts not linked to your account, in addition to your friends — or choose ‘friends’ only to hide the post from public.

Fan pages or accounts made to promote companies, organizations, etc. have posts automatically set to public. This will allow brands and others to share their latest products, news and raise awareness.

In an interview with, Stocky said they’ve been “proactively reminding” users who’ve they been sharing with. He also clarified that the new upgrade is a balance of two things — first, who’s the source of the post, and second, the relevance of the post to the search term used.

What this means is that Facebook will ‘tweak’ the search results — so it’s still possible that your post about ‘water on Mars’ will not appear on other accounts not connected to you, even though you’ve posted it publicly.

Facebook said it serves more than 1.5 billion searchers per day, and its network includes over 2 trillion posts, although the company didn’t mention the number of public posts.