Is Easy To Fix Google’s Cheapest Nexus Phone, Too

Is Easy To Fix Google's Cheapest Nexus Phone, Too


At last month’s Nexus event Google unveiled their two newest Nexus phones, the 5x and the 6p. Of the two, the 5x was billed as the affordable model with specs that are perfectly acceptable but not blowing any minds. But it’s the inside that counts right? So today we got our hands on the new 5x to see just what the insides offer. Let’s tear it down.


Google’s Cheapest Nexus Phone Is Easy To Fix, Too

It turns out that the cheaper of Google’s two new Nexus Marshmallow devices, LG’s Nexus 5X, is a cinch to repair, according to iFixit. The 5.2-inch, $379 device can be taken apart with a Philips screwdriver, and many of the parts are then user replaceable, including the “Imprint” fingerprint sensor, camera and battery. One bit that isn’t DIY-friendly is the high-speed, fast-charging USB-C port, since it’s soldered to the motherboard. The display is also fused, meaning that you’ll need to replace the whole unit if you break either the LCD or cover glass. Overall, however, it scored a decent seven on the repairability scale. Not that Android purists needed more incentive than “$379.”