How To Resolve Problems in Your Baby’s Skin?

How to resolve problems in your baby's skin ?


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Skin problems are a common occurrence among babies. Many can be prevented with good hygiene habits and perfume-free and alcohol-free products and creams specially designed for babies’ fine and sensitive skin.

Baby skin health is a constant source of worry for most parents. The slightest rash, pimple or sign of irritation can trigger undue concern. And since infant skin is particularly vulnerable, skin problems are a common occurrence among babies. Here’s an overview of four common conditions.


1. Diaper rash

Diaper rash is a form of skin inflammation. It can be caused by many things, but the main culprit is prolonged contact between the baby’s skin and a soiled diaper.

It usually occurs in the first fifteen months of the baby’s life, mainly between the eighth and tenth months. Diaper rash can last from two to four days.

In most cases, the problem will go away on its own. If there’s no improvement after four or five days, it’s best to see your physician.

To prevent diaper rash, you need to change your baby’s nappy on a regular basis. Clean your baby’s bottom with a wet washcloth without soap or use hypoallergenic soap.

Disposable wipes may contain perfume or alcohol, which may irritate your baby’s skin. So try to minimize their use.


2. Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, also know as eczema, atopic eczema, and baby dermititis, is a skin rash. It results in dryness, redness, cracks in the skin, and itchiness. In some cases, a crust may form over affected areas of the skin, and a clear fluid may ooze out.

This is a chronic condition, and its causes are complex. In all likelihood, both heredity and the environment play a part in its occurrence.

Unfortunately, treatment for atopic dermatitis is not simple. Since it’s a chronic condition, considerable patience is needed. It’s important to keep the baby’s skin hydrated. Your Brunet counsellor can help you choose a perfume-free, hypoallergenic cream that is suitable for your baby. Daily baths in lukewarm water may also provide relief.


3. Cradle cap or infantile seborrheic dermatitis

Cradle cap is caused by excess sebum at the roots of the hair. It is a crusty rash that occurs on the baby’s scalp at about six months of age. It’s a harmless condition that doesn’t last a long time.

No medical care is needed for this condition. Simply wash your baby’s head with mild shampoo and remove flakes gently using a baby comb.


4. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a skin reaction caused by direct contact with an allergenic or irritating substance. A broad range of substances can cause this reaction, including chemical products, laundry detergents, and certain plants.

This fairly common skin condition shows up as a red and itchy rash with blisters.

Non-medical treatment of contact dermatitis, immediately following contact with an allergen or irritant, includes cleaning the skin with soap and tapwater to wash away the allergenic or irritating substance. Applying a slightly acidic solution or cool compresses can help relieve symptoms.