Glyphter: New Free Service Helps You Build Your Custom Icon Font From Random SVGs In All Time

Create icon fonts in seconds! Just drag & drop SVGs onto the character grid and download your spiffy new font. Cherry on top – IT’S FREE!

glyphter 1 is a website that provide free services and it also provide those service which is need you immediately. It is simple to use, it works so good flawlessly, it is nicely designed and it keeps all of its promises. It even is full free. What more could we want? Read on and build your own custom icon font using any SVG. You can do it at hand while you waiting for the bus.

glyphter 2

At first, just you drag & drop SVGs onto the character grid and double click on the grid so that your won SVGs onto the character grid then open toolbox window so click the small pen icon or toolbox button. Position of the toolbox is left-down corner of the main window or left of the Glyphter logo. And customize the icon font with re-size, up-down, left-right, rotate clockwise-anticlockwise, zoom in-out and clear.

glyphter 4

Also you can direct click on the toolbox button of the main window. Then it automatically show you how to customize your icon font. Its so easy to build well designed. Glyphter is provide new free service to helps you build your custom icon font from random SVGs in all time.

glyphter 3

When complete your all customization than click on the download font button so that you can download or save your won icon font from random SVGs in all time any where you want. let’s go to do it. It is simple to do. Click here to open the Glyphter window. Cherry on top – IT’S FREE!