Font: 1500 Free New Web, Graphic, Google, Gentium, Klaudia and Berenika, Libertinage, RoundStyle & more Open Source Fonts

Free download amazing collection of 1500 free fresh web, graphic, google, gentium, klaudia and berenika, libertinage, roundstyle & more open source fonts your desktop, mobile, software, web and other used. Simply click on a name of font (for example: 680 Ofl fonts) and download the all font. I hope you enjoy this collection.

[CooL GuY] {{a2zRG}}Most of the top level directories indicates the license of all fonts found in further subdirectories that are named according to the family name of the fonts within. Tools used for maintaining the collection are found in tools/and a list of the Google+ pages for the fonts’ designers is in designers.

The .ttf font files at the top level of each family directory are those served through the Web Fonts API. Each directory contains a METADATA.json file with metadata for the font files, and a DESCRIPTION.en_us.html with a description of the family in US English.

Most of the fonts in this use the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1. A few fonts use the Apache 2 license. Each font family directory contains the appropriate license file for the fonts in that directory and the fonts files themselves also contain the licensing and authorship metadata.

Various source files for each family are usually present in a src/subdirectory. All the fonts in this collection are libre/open fonts and many have upstream websites where the corresponding designer hosts the project and releases updates: you can find upstream information in the corresponding FONTLOG.txt files.

When customising or remixing fonts, please remember that the SIL Open Font License usually requires you to use your own family names to avoid conflicts with original versions already installed, and other designers’ trademarks. If you are improving fonts, please contact the original designer to understand what they might need in order to include your improvements.

Most of all: Enjoy the fonts!

Simply click on a name of font (for example: 680 Ofl fonts) and download the all font.

Download: 680 Ofl fonts

Download: 425 Graphic Design fonts

Download: 116 Apache fonts

Download: 70 Exclusive fonts

Download: 58 Extra fonts

Download: 27 Libertinage fonts

Download: 13 Ubuntu fonts

Download: 10 TTF fonts

Download: 10 OTF fonts

Download: 10 Web fonts

Download: 8 Klaudia and Berenika fonts

Download: 8 Gentium fonts

Download: 5 RoundStyle fonts

Download: 4 Android fonts