Flaticon: New Free Service Helps You Build Your Custom Icon Font, PNG, SVG & PSD From Random Icons In All Time

FlatIcon: the Fastest Tool that Converts Fabulous Icons into Web Fonts.

flaticon is a free project, created for and by designers and developers. Create icon fonts in seconds! Just click on icons and download icon as your spiffy new font, PNG, SVG & PSD. Cherry on top – IT’S FREE!

Flaticon.com is a website that provide free services and it also provide those service which is need you immediately. It is simple to use, it works so good flawlessly, it is nicely designed and it keeps all of its promises. It even is full free. What more could we want? Read on and build your own custom icon font, PNG, SVG & PSD using group of free icon. You can do it at hand while you waiting for the bus. Also you can use all our icons as webfonts




Flaticon have two tools, one is Photoshop Plugin and other is Font-Face Generator. Photoshop Plugin provide you group of icon free download as PNG, SVG or PSD.



Web Font Generator

You can download the file and a demo in HTML with the source generated and css styles applied, and so you can see easily how to use the WebFont into your project. And if you still don’t know what this is, discover the advantages of using icon fonts through the online demo.




Pick the icons you want, download them into the Download Box and you will get them in a hurry. Priceless!

The greatest thing about FlatIcon is that this powerful tool is free. Everybody can get the icons easily, for any kind of project, online or offline.

The icons you find with FlatIcon are scalable and accesible to any screen reader. We guarantee the best performance of the icons on whatever device you use.




How to convert an icon into a web font and download it in your computer:

  1. Find the icon you like with the search bar (located at the top of the site).
  2. Once you get the search results, move the mouse cursor over the icon you want. This will prompt 2 buttons: “See More Info” and “Download”.
  3. If you choose “Download“, the icon will be transferred in the green box, in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Click on the “Download Icons” box. A drop-down menu will show you the icons you selected.
  5. Choose the file types you need to download. If you choose “All”, you will receive the icons as Web Font, PNG and SVG in a single archive.

Cherry on top – IT’S FREE! Go into Flaticon.com


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