5 Best Free Apps and Games for Android Users

5 Best Free Apps and Games for Android Users


Our list of the best free Android apps and games to play in 2015 that you can get from the Google Play Store and enjoy without the spectre of in-app purchases hanging over you. That’s an awesome feeling, but you’ll find there’s not much going on in the way of apps straight away. This is where our list of the best free Android apps comes in. It’s your one stop shop for the absolute best-in-class Android apps that won’t cost you a cent. Here are the free apps you absolutely must have in 2015.


5 Best Free Apps and Games for Android Users


Personal assistant apps are quite common and with a large variety already available on Google Play, it might become difficult to choose the right one that gets the job done. With Google Now as your primary digital assistant the addition of a personal assistant might seem strange, but Gluru is a notch above the rest.

Gluru acts like Google Now but for business-minded folks. It digs deeper into the file manager to bring up the required files and organizes them for right moments such as calls and meetings. In essence, Gluru acts like a file manager but in the cloud. If you happen to hate file managers then this is another excuse to get Gluru. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.


2.Adblock Browser
This app you would be wondering why you need to download another browser on your already burdened Android phone. Given that users are quite happy with the performance of the Chrome browser on their devices and neglect the built-in browsers, we still recommend you give the Adblock Browser a try.

The name explains part of the story. Instead of getting a separate ad blocker app, the browser is bringing this functionality directly to you in the form of a browser. The browser is plain simple and is devoid of any extra tricks that might slow down your Android device instead of speeding it up. Plus the ad-blocking capability is pretty impressive. The Adblock Browser can be downloaded from Google Play.


With streaming app wars between Periscope and Meerkat, it was a matter of time before a third competitor entered the market. This turned out to be Mirrativ, by the popular game developer DeNA. Ideally it was considered to be the preferred choice for live stream games; it has slowly been turned to let Android users broadcast any screen to the world and not just games.

There is a catch though and it might not put off a lot of users but it requires Android 5.0+ to run. Mirrativ happens to also borrow features from Twitch, the popular game streaming service and that is it also lets you stream your face and your game to viewers. Mirrativ is free and can be downloaded from Google Play.


4.FIFA 16 Ultimate Teams
Including a game in the best five Android app list is quite necessary and it is none other than FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Successor to the FIFA 15, the game is bound to hit top charts among Android users in the overall game category as well as the sports category.

Given that it is EA, users can expect in-game purchases to be quite common, however, other than that the game is great and gets a good review from us. The new gaming engine has helped it gain more traction. To test out the new changes and enhancements users can head to Google Play to get the game.


5.Khan Academy
This time around we selected an education app and Khan Academy got our attention. Out with an Android app, the video education and learning app brings over all the content present on its website. Topics include science, math, economics, and more, and it caters to early education as well as college level students.

The best part about Khan Academy is that it is free to download from Google Play and navigation is pretty straightforward. The app claims there are more than 10,000 videos to learn from.


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