10 Tough Questions Google, Apple, Microsoft Others Ask In Interviews

10 Tough Questions


Interviews are never expected to be a breeze, especially if you are appearing for industry giants like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook etc. However, it is still possible to get stumped by a question like: ‘How do you cut a circular cake into eight equal pieces?’

This question is part of jobs and career community website Glassdoor’s annual list of ‘25 Tough Interview Questions’. We bring to you 10 toughest questions from the list asked during job interviews at top tech brands.



If you were given a box of pencils, list 10 things you could do with them that are not their traditional use.

Job: Administrative assistant



How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?

Job: Senior recruiting manager



What’s the most creative way you can break a clock?

Job: Intern



A disc is spinning on a spindle, and you don’t know which way. You are given a set of pins. Describe how you would use them to determine which way the disc is spinning.

Job: Software development engineer



You have a bag of with “N” number of strings. At random, you pull out a string’s end. You pull out another string end and you tie the two together. You repeat this until there are no loose ends left to pull out of the bag. What is the expected number of loops?

Job: Business operations intern



You want to design a phone for deaf people — how do you do it?

Job: Product manager



How would you design an elevator?

Job: Intern



Why should we not hire you?

Job: Recruiter


Electronic Arts

How do you compute the collision of two moving spheres? Give me both the mathematical equations for the solution as well as an algorithmic implementation.

Job: Senior software engineer



Name as many Microsoft products as you can.

Job: Associate consultant


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